At the Law Office of Steven J. Sico & Associates, we help our clients to navigate through the difficult problems surrounding the issues of family law, personal injury, real estate transactions, bankruptcy and other issues that may arise. Compassion and concern for our clients’ futures characterize our practice, but so does our dedication to protecting their rights and interests.

You will find a comfortable environment at our office, where you can discuss your needs, values, goals, and concerns frankly and honestly. Together, we will determine a course of action designed to resolve your legal dilemma and protect your rights.

Sometimes, through negotiation we can resolve problems while preserving civility and assets. In other situations, aggressive legal action, including litigation, may be required to obtain justice for you.

In every situation, preserving clients' rights and interests is our number one priority. Court filings, motions, and legal documents are the means, and not the ends, of our practice. For us, the purpose of our practice is to secure the opportunity for a healthy future for our clients. After-hour and weekend consultations are available by appointment.

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