Family Law
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Parents want the best for their children, but often they don't agree on what is "best." In custody matters, the family court is required to determine what custodial arrangement is in the "best interests of the child." Many issues will be considered in the court's decisions, including a parent's lifestyle, chemical dependency, behavioral problems, move away from the local community, and we will help to present your best case to the court.

In a divorce, issues surrounding children, such as child custody, parenting plans, and visitation rights, are often the greatest cause of conflict. Depending on the circumstances, a party in a divorce case may have a very good reason for seeking sole custody of a child. In others, it makes sense to come to a shared custody agreement. We emphasize peaceful cooperation where possible, rather than conflict, between separating parents. At the Law Office of Steven J. Sico & Associates, we stand up for the rights of our clients and their children in custody matters.

We place special emphasis on child custody problems, representing clients in all types of custody and visitation matters.

This Includes:

  • Move away, interstate custody, and international custody
  • Modifications to child custody and visitation orders
  • Non-marital parents (paternity)
  • Special family issues - disability, educational and medical needs, substance abuse problems, domestic violence, college contribution
  • Divorce and all related matters

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